Saturday, November 25, 2017

Taking a Look Around Your House! What a Surprise!

Have you ever just stood around your house and looked at all of your belongings?  I mean really looked!  How much of it is dust collectors?

All the envisioned craft projects that were gong to happen but never did, but next week you swear you will get on it, however, that week passes too.  How about those awesome deals you got because they were on sale and you just had to have them. Half the excitement of the purchase is because your dancing at the amazing deal and you know, your totally going to use it for a project that will be the perfect birthday gift or holiday decoration.  You find more killer deals for an event or party that you were going to plan, but things got away from you and it never happened.  Yet, those things in your home are accumulating. Is any of this sounding a bit familiar? 

If your wondering how and why this all came up, well, this past week, I helped someone clean and get rid of stuff that was no longer needed.  No longer needed because they had passed away.  I saw how quickly all the clothes, knickknacks, jewelry, books and other personal possessions were quickly packed up and taken to a donation place.  Yes, just like that, everything was gone. Things that were important to them but.....maybe not.  Things that were collected over the years and sat around, untouched.  I was blown away and my eyes were opened at all the junk, "I", in my own home had collected.

Upon coming home after a week away, I looked around.  All the sale items I had just sitting around because at some point in my life I intended on using them.  Good grief, the knickknacks and dust collectors I had on display in my own home that is starting to look cluttered and unorganized.  My clothes stacked in my closet that hadn't been worn in a year or two, but I might just want to wear it someday and what about the jewelry, purses and other things I had.  Blew me away!  I DON'T NEED ALL THAT!  Why do I need all that stuff, which is just sitting there.  Were they a comfort to me?  It put a pit in my stomach, and made me think...I may have some hoarder tendencies. 

It was a reality check I needed and I even told my husband that I didn't need much this year for Christmas.  Being together and doing things with family and friends is what I hoped for. 
Laughing and experiencing vacations, new adventures and being with my family & friends is more than money could buy.....and I don't have to dust them off either!

Today...I'm on a mission to declutter my home.  Donating items and selling belonging, including new things that I haven't touched or used.  Any money I receive from selling my incidentals will go towards our family vacation.  Not a moment to waist as I've already listed several items that would be great for someone else, especially during this holiday season.  Perfect time to pay it forward and give to those in need.  What an incredible feeling!

My goal, it to be ready to go for this New Year.  Decluttered, better organized, and saving more money!  Gosh, that sounds wonderful and a lot less stressful.

Have you found yourself in this situation and when is the last time you took inventory at all your stuff and now realize.....Mmmmm, I may have to do the same.  Do you have decluttering ideas?

Until then...Don't Coast in Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead
~ Stacie

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Own Your OWN Journey and Story!

Own your own journey and story! 

Everyone has their individual stories and each situation is different.  Just because someone went though the same thing as you, they still experience different emotions, thoughts and feelings.  RESPECT IT!  Pushing your own opinion(s) makes them feel bad about theirs.  Sometimes, just letting them vent and listening does more than you know.

How many times have you been in a conversation and explaining your difficult recovery on your hamstring tear. They break-in on your story and tell you how much worse their injury was. Their illness, aliments and recovery trumped your little old hamstring tear. My goodness, let them win that battle! Let them be sicker and have a worse recovery than you!  LOL  I have learned that I don't have to win the battle of being worse off.  They can win that and I'll stick to me being positive and making it though.

When we were trying to get pregnant and going through IVF, we encountered other peoples stories often and some freaked us (actually more like ME) out.  Sometimes, I would be in tears over other peoples stories.  What made me stop listening to them was when we were at the doctors office and I was telling my physician about my fears from other peoples stories.  The doctor told me to stop listening.  What happened to them, happened to them and not myself.  Bodies are different, reactions to medicines are different, we all have our own pregnancy and delivery stories that everyone may I mention LOVES to tell.

After I left the doctors with successful news that we were pregnant, I came up with a mantra.  My own personal mantra! One that fit me and allowed me to continuously say when my mind wandered into the negative zone or fears.  I would say, Cancel, Clear, Delete and proceed to say my mantra over and over, while rubbing my baby belly and until I was confident and positive.

I can't tell you how many newly pregnant mamas I have shared that story with. Most of us have our own fears and we need to learn how to change our thinking as soon as possible.  Mantras help!

At the end of the day, we all struggle personally and its all in how we deal with it or allow others to barge into our own thoughts.  That can really mess with your mind.  Using simple mental tools can help.  Stay positive and don't let anyone break into your own personal mind space.

You've got this and are strong! Own your own journey and stories of your life!

How many of you have experience this battle of stories and how did you get out of it to make yourself feel better?  Mantras seem to work for me.  What's your coping mechanism?

Until then...Don't Coast in Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead
~ Stacie

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tomorrow is Not Promised...Act on your dreams now!

This has been running though my head the last couple of weeks and tomorrow is not promised.  Life is hectic and there is always something going on that we are too busy for and loose focus on the important things.  We forget about our goals, dreams, desires and continue on with our daily routine, business and life. 

If you have something you want to do, try or are curious about....JUST DO IT.  Go run a marathon, start the business you have been wanting to do for years, make a monthly night out with your girlfriends, travel to places that you've only seen in magazines, make date nights with your husband even though you've been married for a short time or what seems like for years.  The plan of your thoughts are already in place so just make it happen.

So many things cross our minds and we let things get in the way.  As I once again hear of sad news of a board chamber member loss, I also heard today that my MIL will be in heaven soon and they will have a wonderful angle.  It breaks my heart for her husband (my FIL), my husband who looses his mom and my children who will loose their Grandma....I wonder, did she do everything she wanted to do. Did she fulfilled her dreams, goals, read enough books, have enough animals as she was an animal lover, did she travel to all the places she wanted to and the list could go on.

I realized how short life was when I lost my brother three years ago. It made me question all of my life's choices and what else I wanted to do.  Do I spend enough quality time with my husband, children, family, and friends.  It hit me hard and I felt compelled to do whatever I wanted to try and make my passions, goals and dreams happen.  Over time, that feeling seemed to fade and I got back into my same routine and once again forget my goals.  Today, I faced them again.  I'm sure most of you can relate to that.

Due to today's news....I decided to write three goals down, why I wanted them and how I was going to achieve them.  In addition, I have put reminders in my phone to remind me to continue shifting ahead and not just stay in neutral.

How you have gotten to your goals, what encouraged you to make it happen and what advice do you have for some that stumble on this same issue?

Until then.....Don't Coast in Neutral....Positive Shift Ahead ~ Stacie

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Welcome to The Positive Shift LLC

Welcome to The Positive Shift! I'm thrilled and so excited to be a blogger! 

About the Positive Shift.....

I am dedicated to coaching, educating, empowering and creating a balance for you while initiating an unlimited potential to help you confidently pursue your personal goals.
I’m dedicated to meeting twice a month for one hour each, in small groups.  I coach you to a new way of thinking and life skills through interactive lessons. The curriculum is taught by myself with four parts in mind to get you going: understanding yourself, goal setting, health & wellness and connectivity.  Understanding how you connect with everyday life and shaping the future that you want.
Monthly sessions are used to motivate and inspire you, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through your goals and accomplishments. Important social, psychological, and physical skills and abilities are developed and reinforced throughout the program. At the end of program and the years conclusion, we will review your year of accomplishments though a fundraising fashion show event which gives you a tangible sense of achievement as well as a framework for setting and achieving life goals. The results for you are making the seemingly impossible, possible, and teaching you with guidance, determination and by using the right techniques and tools, you can achieve more than you ever thought.
Until then…Don’t Coast in Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead ~ Stacie

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