Friday, December 1, 2017

Do You Need Willpower! How Do You Start?

Every wonder why someone else seems to have all the willpower? It seems hard to say no and hard not falling into the "stuff my face" with all the unhealthy things.  How can others be dedicated to their work out routine and seem balanced.  I'm faced with those issues now as I'm sure most of you are. Can't quite figure out why the dryer keeps shrinking my clothes. I lost my willpower and am gaining weight where my pants don't fit.  Good grief, if I could only fit into my "skinny" jeans.  Nope, no way is that happening.  Sound familiar?

Staying focused can be trying and hard to do.  Do you find it hard to control yourself with certain things.  As much as we try to be healthy and stay on track, somehow the holidays, birthdays, neighborhood events or whatever we are enticed with seems to drain our willpower. AGH!!!

Here's what I realized....when our mind is set out to stay focused, we can accomplish many things while maintaining ones self's willpower.  We have been built up the "willpower muscle" shall we say.  Its like working out.  We start with a 10 lbs. weight and work our arms for about a week or two.  Slowly, our arms need to be challenged with a higher weight so we move up to the 15 lbs. dumbbell; continuing to move up or maintain our arm strength.  That's how our minds work.  Think of it as a muscle that needs to be built up and strengthened. 

When you decide to change something in your life its easier to change it in steps. Stopping everything at once is harder to maintain.  Here's a good starting point and some tips to get you moving.  The first week or two, how about starting a good work out routine, Mon-Thurs. Oh heck, add Friday in too if you want!  Be bound and determined to make it happen. 

Use a sticky note and write:  I'm excited to workout in the morning so I can feel better, look better and be better.  When your brushing your teeth at night read it over and over in your head and get yourself in the mindset that you are going to make it happen. Even if you don't believe it or want to.
Helpful Hint: Set your workout clothes out in the morning! Including your shoes.  I put all my workout clothes on the counter with the shoes on the floor next to them. I do that for two reasons, one, subconsciously I am putting that into my mind and the secondly, I put the clothes out so I don't wake up my husband. Plus, in the morning when I'm still sleeping I don't have to think about anything. Just get dressed and workout.  If your wondering about brushing your teeth, nope, I put a stick of peppermint gum out and throw it in my mouth.  If you see me at the gym, stay clear, I probably stink!   I can brush them when I'm done with my workout.

After you get the workout thing going, maybe start making yourself a protein shake after your workouts.  BABYSTEPS!  Don't overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once.  Recently, I started putting the blender on the counter the night before.  Put these items next to the blender, the  blender cup, a banana, the protein powder container, peanut butter jar, a spoon and a napkin. This makes it easy as time is an issue and we don't have time to waste.  All I have to do is add my coconut milk, ice and the items I already set out.  Takes all of 3 mins to make, clean the blade of the blender and put it away. 
BAM! DONE!  Another step towards making your willpower work!

We all want things to happen fast and easy. So taking these steps should help you gain some of your willpower back and take control of you again. You've got this!

What are your thoughts on these willpower steps? Something you think you can do?
If this has helped, I would be grateful for some feedback. If you have willpower tips, we would love to hear!

Until then....Don't Coast In Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead!

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