Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Positive Shift Challenge! Surprise Someone Today!

The Positive Shift Challenge! Our everyday life could use some positive and uplifting surprises.  Therefore, I came up with the idea of The Positive Shift Challenge.  Its as simple as it can be and can almost nothing...if not anything depending on what you do.

The challenge is videoing a positive, unrespecting gratitude gesture towards a friend or someone that could use some uplifting.  Who would like a surprise like that!!!  Nominating 3 others to participate in the challenge and then TAG the Facebook page: The Positive Shift, LLC Stacie Zotkovich and we will share it as well.

Here is our FIRST Positive Shift Challenge with Stacie Duff from Salon Tress in Walled Lake, MI.  Such an amazing women and Salon that you must check out!

As you video your Positive Shift Challenge, just know, it may not be perfect and that is okay! Of course, when I did mine, I may have repeated myself or wish I would have said things better or differently....but this was a one time shot and goes to show, I'm not perfect, nor do I want to be perfect. 

This video is filled with warmth, love and it came from my heart. I was so darn excited about it, that I wasn't really thinking everything out and just went with the flow.  Much like you will be doing. Enjoy the spontaneity of this challenge and let the imperfections show how truly beautiful, loving and caring your heart is!

➤ What do you think of our challenge, can you participate in this challenge and who will your 3 people be to be a part of this amazing and wonderful challenge?  Excited to hear from you!

~ Until Then...Don't Coast In Neutral, Positive Shift Ahead,

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